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player: wyatt !!!
joined: 04/21/23
level: dragonfruit // 2265 CARDS
last updated: July 22, 2023
sorry i havent been active for like a month im catching up on stuff now!

new site host and got easytcg set up! i still need to add lots of stuff, but i wanted to get everything working so i can easily update while i work and not worry about it, it's about as functional as it was on neocities so its good enough for me for now!

x10 x12 x12 x07 x09 x07 x12 x11
total trades: 169
completed sketchpads: 7
turned in sketchpads: 3/7

figuring out how to automate this like on neocities soon, wanted
to focus on getting the rest of the site up first, so this
might not be the most up to date if i get too lazy :P

if i have at least one of my own
signatures here feel free to ask to trade!


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